Industrial installation

  • arc welding in neutral inert gas – Ar (TIG 141/111),
  • assembly and welding of technological installation,
  • carrying out insulate pipes and construction works,
  • examination of leak contacts using radiographic or ultrasonic methods
  • installation of equipment and steel structure
  • assembly and welding of HDPE pipelines 


Sanitary installations

  • heating of halls, industrial buildings
  • ventilation and air conditioning installations
  • gas installations
  • water installations
  • fire protection installations
  • construction and modernization of gas, oil and coal boilers
  • drainage system
  • storm water drainage and sewerage


Construction and assembly work

  • Construction of facilities for hall
  • Installation of steel structures
  • Reinforced concrete and masonry work
  • Painting and decorating work


Equipment services

  • digger
  • telescopic loader
  • compactor
  • welding machines for HDPE and PE pipes


Electrical Installations